I want to encourage you to walk in all God’s blessing He has for you in 2016 – may you experience his great favor, grace, and peace this year. Remember: one of his greatest promises is “I love you with an everlasting love.” That means he is for us and not against us!

It’s amazing how many consumer products remind me of God’s promises for us. So today, declare His promises for your life and experience His faithfulness by laying ahold of some of the advertising slogans that are already stuck in your head:

General Electric: He lights our path (Psalm 119:105)

Bayer Aspirin: He works wonders and extends life (John 6:33-35, Psalm 36:9)

Hallmark Cards: He cares enough to He sent His very Best
John 3:16)

Delta: He is ready when you are (Psalm 86:5, Neh 9:17b)

American Express: never leave home without Him (
Duet 31:6, Heb 13:5)

Duracell batteries: He is the everlasting Dad – nothing will outlast Him
Isa 9:6, John3:35)

Scotch Tape: You can’t see Him, but you know He is with you (Zeph 3:17)

Alka Seltzer: Oh what a relief He is – Your heavenly father wants you to declare – “To blessed to be stressed” (
Psalm 4:1, Phil 4:6-7)

Verizon: Can you hear me now? His kids know his voice (John 10:27-28)

Tide Detergent: His blood gets all of the hard stains out and makes you clean & whole
1 John 1:9, Isa 1:18 )

Allstate: You’re in good hands — when you allow Him to take care of you (John 14:6, Matt 6:33)

AT&T: Reach out & touch someone – when you reach out and touch Him, your life changes forever (Mark 5:25 – 34)

Adidas: Impossible is nothing – With Dad All things are possible
 (Matt 19:26, Gen 18:4, Jer 32:17 &27 )

State Farm: Like a good neighbor, he is always ready to visit. Jesus is the very best neighbor you could have (Luke 10:30-37)

Start declaring Dad’s word for your life and release all He has for you and your family

Prayer: Dad I posture myself today to walk in all that you have for me – your promises are for your kids, I will declare you goodness & faithfulness for my life today and forever.


Join us for prayer every night during the fast from 6pm – 8pm at Life Church.

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