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Sitting Down With…

We have had the opportunity to talk with leaders who love Jesus and who are hungry for more of God.

Marketplace Ministry | Sitting Down with Jerry Niswander

Only a small percentage of the body of Christ is called to full-time, vocational ministry. The majority of believers are called to bring Jesus into their workplaces and help other people connect with him in everyday contexts. Jerry Niswander has just launched a new ministry, The Revive Network, which he hopes will equip believers for marketplace ministry wherever God has called them.

God Stories

Stories of healing, deliverance, and redemption.

Coach Nate’s Break

Nathan (Coach Nate) loves soccer, and loves people, and loves Jesus. One morning at Life Church, he responded to an altar call given by Darren Wilson. He came up to get prayer for one thing, but God had something different in mind...

My Story | No More Vertigo

Martin awoke one morning and the room was spinning. The doctors diagnosed him with vertigo, and he struggled with it for nine years. But Jesus is a healer, and he always has the final say.


What Are You Doing Here?

Pastor Rich Muckle preaches on Elijah and how he found himself hiding in a cave in fear after seeing the hand and testimony of God at work in his life.  He wasn't running for his life but rather from his life.  If you have found yourself in a discouraging or lonely...

David Wagner at Life Church

David Wagner ministers at Life Church during the grand finale of our TEN-year celebration.  He released many words over our body and fathered us into our next decade together as a family.

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