Sabbath Summer

the art of resting well

Summer. On Purpose.

Approaching your time off with intentionality means that you’re in a position to live your life (rather than have it live you).

Vacate the Premises.

Instead of escaping it all, learn how to re-create moments of awe, inspiration, and gratitude in your life.

Find True Rest.

Never again dread a Monday, or wish for a vacation after your vacation.

Thou Shalt Rest

Do you know how to find rest? I mean really restorative and rejuvenating rest? Chances are, you’re like the rest of us who pack our schedules full and our weekends even fuller. And when we get an entire week off for vacation, well what should we do?

God thought rest was so important that he legislated it. He insists upon rest in the same breath as “don’t kill” and “don’t steal,” as one of the ten commandments. Shouldn’t we take our spiritual, emotional, and physical rest at least as seriously as our work?

Sabbath Summer is designed for exactly that. Every week we’ll post a new principle to help you reflect on what is most important, and how to enter into deep and lasting rest. Whether you’re a teacher with a few months off or an executive fighting off a jet lagged existence, Sabbath Summer is about learning to obey God for our good.

Track With Us All Summer Long

The Rhythm of Sabbath

I’ve never thought of myself as a work-aholic. But this summer has taught me a few things: One, that I have limits and Two, that I cannot wait until...

Rest in Every Season

“You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the trees,...

Slothful Sabbath

Laziness is Exhausting Have you been surprised about how much of our view of rest points...

Drink. Rest. Abide.

This week's post is written by Shar Mavrich, a teacher in the Pittsburgh Area who loves Jesus with all of her heart. This Sabbath Summer is about to get heavy.  Really...

Find Space To Dream

This week's post was written by Lydia Powers, a teacher and Christian blogger in the Washington area. As I was prepping for my family’s upcoming July 4th festivities, my brain was working hard to keep track of all of the ingredients necessary to tackle my latest...

Let Go and Have Fun

This week's post is written by Jory Micah, a Christian blogger in the Washington area. You can read more about her below. The other day one of my friends posted a video on Facebook of her three children playing on the beach with the caption, "I love watching my kids...


This post is authored by Jamie Donne, a campus minister and writer. You can read more of her work at her personal blog. The very first time we hear about sabbath is in creation. Creation was made very good and then God rested. Why did He rest? Was he tired from all of...

Do What You Want

Summer is here again, alive with possibilities. There is something about the warmer weather and the longer days that just exudes freedom. Finally, we can do what we want (or at least more of what we want, anyway). But what do you want? What will you do? Will you...

Don’t Hit The Kill Switch

A Parable Rest isn't for amateurs. You have to know what you're doing in order to really do it right. And I remember the first time I realized I had been doing it wrong. I was in ninth grade, and when I returned home from school on an early day in September, I was...

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