becoming the woman God dreams you can be

About the Sister League

The Sister League is the ministry to and for women at Life Church.

How precious are the thoughts of God towards women. When he sees them, he sees beyond the roles they play: homemaker, entrepreneur, mother, wife, executive. Instead, he sees what he has dreamed for each of them, before they were even born.

Throughout the Bible, women who were bold enough to lay ahold of God’s purposes for their lives were the ones who changed the world. Women like Deborah. Hannah. Sarah. The destinies of entire nations can pivot because of just one woman on fire.

God knows it won’t always be a cake walk, but when God calls a woman, she laughs in the face of adversity. Come join the ranks of other like-minded women at Life Church who will not rest until God’s purposes are established in their homes, careers, cities, and the nations.

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